Introducing Slim Supreme!

Slim Supreme is our bi-weekly fresh food delivery program for clients looking for a more affordable alternative to our daily delivery programs or a way to for those clients outside of our daily delivery area to enjoy our fresh meal delivery service without sacrificing quality, or freshness. Based on our highly effective Slimdown controlled calorie track, Slim Supreme is delivered fresh every Monday and Thursday morning by 5am. In each delivery you'll find all of your freshly prepared meals for the next three days! You just transfer your meals into your refrigerator and eat and enjoy all of the meals and snacks we send you! The average client on our program is losing about 2 to 5 pounds each week -- all without sacrificing, shopping, cooking or counting carbs or calories!

Like our renowned daily delivery programs, Slim Supreme is customized just for you! Your meals will be custom prepared under the direction of our nutrition team who will consider your height, weight, age, activity level and personal goals as well as limited personal food likes and dislikes when designing your menu.

For each day you'll receive Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Two Delicious Snacks! Slim Supreme is nutritionally complete. There is nothing you need to add or buy. Our program is designed to provide for 100% of your daily nutritional needs. And because Slim Supreme is delivered FRESH and never frozen, we include all of your market fresh fruits, vegetables, and salads.

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Program Duration

Daily Rate Total
72 Days - (24 Deliveries) / 12 Weeks $24.95 $1,796.40
36 Days - (12 Deliveries) / 6 Weeks $28.95 $1042.20
24 Days - (8 Deliveries) / 4 Weeks $30.95 $742.80
12 Days - (4 Deliveries) / 2 Weeks $32.95 $395.40
6 Days - (2 deliveries) / 1 Week $34.95 $209.70
3 Days - (1 delivery) $39.95 $119.85

How does the Slim Supreme bi-weekly program differ from your daily delivery programs?
The primary difference is in the way the meals are delivered. Our daily delivery programs arrive each morning before 5am in an individual cooler bag. Slim Supreme arrives every Monday and Thursday morning before 5am in a 3 individual cooler bags each containing 1 day of meals. Both programs are FRESHLY PREPARED and never frozen, vacuum packed, or freeze-dried. While our daily delivery programs allow you to select which days of the week you wish to eat our meals each week, our Slim Supreme option is a 6 day per week program (Monday through Saturday). Clients who receive our daily delivery programs may take days off at will by providing 3 business days notice. Any days taken off of the daily delivery programs are automatically added to the end of the client's program. Slim Supreme clients must receive 3 days of food in each delivery. You may, however reschedule a delivery by notifying us 5 business days before the delivery is to arrive at your home.

Will the meals stay fresh in my refrigerator for 3 days?
Absolutely! Our meals are FRESHLY PREPARED the evening before we deliver them to you and packaged in our individual containers. Although we use no preservatives in our products, the meals, when properly refrigerated will be fresh and delicious for 4 to 6 days depending on the entree.

Why is The Slimdown offering this bi-weekly option?
Delivery of your meals is one of the largest expenses we face as a company. With skyrocketing fuel costs and our rapidly growing client base, it makes sense for us to reduce our delivery costs and pass those savings along to our clients. Over the years, many people have requested a more afforable option to receive our fresh meal programs. Another reason for our launch of Slim Supreme is because our large national competitors are shipping horrible, preservative and sodium-laden prepackaged entrees via Fedex and UPS and we wanted to offer a program that would be able to compete on "cost" while delivering a program far superior in quality, customizability, effectiveness and taste! (and its working!)

Why might somebody prefer to purchase your daily delivery service vs. Slim Supreme?
We offer daily delivery programs based on The Zone Diet, Atkins, Caloric Restriction and South Beach. Our Slim Supreme bi-weekly program is based on our Caloric Restriction track. Although both programs are highly customizable, if you want to do The Zone, Atkins or South Beach, you would need to enroll in our daily delivery program. If you frequenly get called out of town on short notice, or if you wish to receive less (or more) than 6 days of food per week, you should enroll in our daily program. If you are a very picky eater with many personal food dislikes, you will likely not be able to do the Slim Supreme program as personal food preferences are not as customizable as on our daily programs. Our daily delivery program overall is much more tailorable with regard to food allergies, preferences and delivery schedule. Daily delivery clients also receive the benefit of personal coaching and "on the spot" modifications to the program when they become necessary.

What if I only want to receive delivery 3 days each week?
This is possible on the Slim Supreme bi-weekly program. You could either receive a delivery every Monday or every Thursday. In each delivery you will recieve 3 days worth of meals and snacks. You may also reschedule any delivery at will by contacting our customer service team 5 business days prior to the morning your delivery is scheduled to arrive. Many clients on our daily delivery program elect to get thier deliveries Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings as a maintenance or convenience program. For the best weight loss results, we recommend receiving delivery 6 days per week (bi-weekly) or 7 days per week (daily).



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